This detox session begins with Garshanna, which is Ayurvedic dry lymphatic massage using raw silk gloves. This stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation while offering a light exfoliation to skin. It is followed by abhyanga oil massage with herbal oil chosen for your dosha. Time on the chi machine, which also moves lymph and increases circulation, is followed by 30 minutes in the solo Far Infrared sauna which allows for the release of toxins as well as many other benefits.

Amazing! Bethany is truly amazing! I was excited to see she offered an Ayurvedic detox session! I was in need of a lymphatic massage and the Ayurvedic session was exactly what I needed to start to get back in balance! She offers different oils based on your dosha or dosha imbalance! Bethany has magical hands! The session also includes time on the chi machine, which was a first for me! Definitely try out the chi machine! I left feeling wonderfully relaxed! I appreciate Bethany’s diverse background in the different massage therapies! I’m looking foward to experiencing the other Ayurvedic sessions she offers as well as the Thai Yoga Therapy! I wish I hadn’t waited so long before going to see Bethany!
- Jen L.