Things have been moving and changing around here...

     There’s a saying in my house that you never walk in without turning on the lights. I love to switch things up, move things around, and create new experiences from the same place. Well, Windgate is certainly no exception! Things have been moving and changing around here a lot lately!

     Firstly there’s some whole new human beings in here. Some of you have already met MacKenzie in the office. She’s not only helping me slay my personal dragon of technology, but is also offering peristeam hydrotherapy (yoni steam) and personal yoga therapy. Both of these can be found on our new website (thanks to kenzie!) under the goddess rituals tab. Yup I said goddess rituals! It occured to me that a lot of the treatments we offer support women to experience and nurture the divine within themselves, That’s some powerful goddess juju, and we all need more of that! So check out our new goddess sessions and programs. I’ve also crafted a new program tailored specifically for the childbearing year. As a prenatal therapist/doula and as a mother of 3 myself, I know the importance of feeling nurtured during this time of change. If you or someone you love are expecting, check out our Happy Momma prenatal programs and Mother Blessings (think alternative baby shower)

     As always, I am still offering thai Therapeutic 7 day protocol and Ayurvedic treatments. I am ready, however to pass along the torch of table massage to Nately Wilson. Nately will be starting here part time next month and taking new clients. I will still be seeing my established clients but encourage everyone to book a session with Nately. She’s an amazing therapist and I am thrilled to welcome her aboard!