Magical copaiba

By now most people have heard about the amazing healing qualities of essential oils. They have been touted for relaxation, insomnia and headache relief to name a few. It seems like whatever your issue, there’s an oil for it. There has also been quite a lot of attention about CBD oil and the endocannabinoid system recently. The endocannabinoid  system (ECS) regulates how quickly neurotransmitters are released, slowing them down or speeding them up as necessary in order to maintain and return to homeostasis. With receptors embedded throughout your body tissues, organs, and brain, it supports all other systems. CBD oil from the hemp plant is widely used for pain, anxiety, cancer, depression, arthritis, and Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately many people don’t  take advantage of the benefits of supporting the ECS with CBD oil because of the fear that it could test positive on a drug test. (my husband won’t even eat a poppy seed bagel!) Enter Copaiba essential oil!

Copaiba is a bcp (Beta Caryophyllene) a potent terpene that locks directly with the CB2 receptor as opposed to hemp derived CBD that indirectly interacts with this receptor. This receptor is especially associated with pain receptors, immune function and the inflammatory response. Additionally Copaiba is indicated for oral and gum health, and while I don’t usually recommend taking  EOs internally, try drop of Copaiba in your coconut oil mouth swish for antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits. This is my go to for topical pain relief and anxiety, works like a charm.