Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of bodywork widely used to help athletes obtain maximum performance and conditioning by increasing endurance,mobility and aiding in recovery.  It is particularly beneficial when an athlete is in training for an event. It’s also helpful for anyone who routinely stretches physical limits through movement. Competing athletes, strength trainers, musicians, and weekend warriors  have all benefited from sports massage Athletes experience not only body fatigue and muscle soreness but also mental and emotional stress. Massage can help restore vitality, balance, and energy, as well as easing emotional stress.  More than just a reward at the end of a workout. It is a vital tool for keeping athletes primed for top performance and even lengthening their careers. During the massage the therapist will customise your treatment focus on muscles used in your sport or fitness activity. For example, areas of greater stress for runners and cyclists are the legs and lower back; for swimmers, the upper body. Sports massage should be a regular part of every athlete’s training program and is commonly used pre event and intercompetition (between events) as well as post event. Post event sports massage focuses on recovery after a competition involving not only the normalization and repair of tissue, but also general relaxation and mental calming.  Helping athletes to regain their pre-event condition by relaxing tight, muscles, as well as easing post event soreness and fatigue. Recognized as an important part of a regular maintenance program, sports massage is widely used by individuals, teams,and Olympic and professional athletes.