What Kind of Massage Should YOU Get?

Types of Massage Sometimes it can be confusing – you know you’re stressed and everybody tells you that you need a good massage, but what type of massage should you get? There are so many options available at Windgate healing arts, how do you know which one will suit you?

That’s where your friendly massage therapist comes in – if you’re not sure, just call or drop in for a chat and we can help you find the perfect technique and style for your needs. If it’s your first massage, we can put you at ease and make sure you know exactly what to expect.

In the meantime, here’s the lowdown on some of the different types of massage and what they can do for you.

Integrative Massage  

This is one of the most popular massages – Customised just for you, it’s  great for getting rid of stress and anxiety as well as relaxing tight muscles. It’s also a good one to try if you’re new to massage as it doesn’t work too deeply into your muscles and the techniques we use are all designed to relax and de-stress.

So what can you expect? Well, every integrated massage is customized for you, integrating all the techniques that the therapist has to offer. We use long, flowing strokes,combined with kneading, circular motions, and focused work where needed.  We’ll also use oils to make the massage smoother and nourishing to the skin. Hot towels and hot stones are included as well as essential oils of your choice. If you’ve got tight muscles, aches and pains, we can increase the pressure where you need it more.  Integrated massage is great at relaxing the body and relieving pain from musculoskeletal conditions like fibromyalgia, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches.

Sacred Hawaiian LomiLomi

Probably the most relaxing bodywork there is. Using fluid and rhythmic strokes, the therapist does a continual healing hula around the whole body. Most people say it feels like floating on waves as you cant help but let go, and go within. Using fluid and rhythmic strokes with the wide pressure of the forearm and massaging different parts of the body at the same time the therapist does a continual healing hula around the whole body.  the brain cannot keep track of what’s happening and shuts off. Warm coconut oil is applied liberally during this session which also includes soothing abdominal work, head & facial work, rocking, stretching, hot rocks and hot towels. Based in Hawaiian spiritualism the therapist begins each session with a traditional chant and Pule and continues to realign her focus on your highest self. A full body prayer, a vacation on the the table, a unique and unforgettable massage

Thai massage

Sometimes called Thai yoga massage or Thai therapy  is an incredibly effective, energizing treatment. Incorporating elements of mindfulness, deep stretches, gentle rocking and rhythmic compression within a series of passive assisted yoga positions. This bodywork, which is thousands of yrs old, is receive on a thick futon mat on the floor while you are fully dressed in comfortable, loose fitting clothes. The benefits of increasing your range of motion, general well being and pain management are quite profound. Don’t be fooled by the photos which showcase some of the more extreme positions. This therapy is customised to be appropriate and healing  to each individual, regardless of age, disability or flexibility. No yoga experience is required as this is a purely passive experience. Unique, ancient and effective.

Ayurvedic abhyanga is a warm oil massage performed in a soothing, healing manner and often paired with the practice of dry brushing.  This massage is done more slowly and with a lighter pressure to increase absorbability of the herbal oil and calm the central nervous system. The type of oil that is used is customised for you and depends on your dosha, or mind-body type. Abhyanga helps hydrate and nourish the skin, heal adrenal fatigue, stimulate the lymphatic system,  and brings awareness to the subtle energies of the body. Any extra oil is provided for at home use between treatments. Soothing, balancing and rejuvenating for all doshas.

These are a few of the most popular types of bodywork offered at windgate Healing Arts. We also offer sports, deep tissue, and couples massage as well as  craniosacral, cupping and wellness spa amenities such as far infrared sauna and an herbal steam tent. But more on those later. If you’re still not sure what you need, our therapists are always available for consultation to customise the right session for you, just a call away 505-946-8335